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How it Woks

Remittance industry covers 230 million people's $600 billion remittance per year and 25% of this grand volume is being controlled by big firms like Western Union, Money Gram and RIA. Minimum $5 fee on each transection plus the exchange fees are threatening. OruMesh is a futuristic decentralized instant zero cost solution for remittance powered by Hybrid-Ecosystem. It empowers an economic revolution that is totally dedicated to facilitate people with an economic financial freedom. Thus, creating an equal opportunities across the board.

How do you send Rs. to your family using USD on The OruMesh Network?

The internet is made up of a network servers containing our data,
websites & applications.

Like the internet OruMesh is a network of Decentralized servers
located in many locations that power a distributed ledger.

This Ledger records every transaction in the system for companies and people alike.
A Complete copy of global ledger exist on each OruMesh server.

Any entity can run a server. The network become more robust with more servers.

The servers communicate with each other to verify transactions and to sync the ledger every 1-5
seconds. This mechanism is known as consensus.

The Ledger records your money as credit, which is issued by Anchors. Anchors acts as bridges
between a given currency and the OruMesh network.
Bank and payment processors are good example of real world anchors.

Credit is issued to your online account which acts like a virtual wallet in exchange for your
deposit.Anchors have to be trusted to hold your money and honor your withdrawals.

Issued credit can be sent and received between people on the network. OruMesh has a distributed
exchange, so you can send Rs. Credits to your family using use credit balance.
Your family has multiple options, they can do shopping
online from OruMesh Partners, get a ride, book a hotel,
book a fligh and buy grocery.

Your family will receive Rs. credits which they can with draw from anchors or can Do online Shopping,
Buying Grocery, ordering food from Resturant , Booking Hotel or Apartment, taking
Services or getting shared ride from Abtugo.

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We provide end-to-end payment solutions for online and mobile platforms,exchanges & banks, marketplaces and crowdfunding sites to assist grow your business.

OruMesh Eco System

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