Sharing Economy

  1. Sharing Economy


The sharing economy refers to a new socio-economic development within which people share product or services with other individuals on a peer-to-peer basis for a fee. However, although the sharing economy developed on a peer-to-peer model, there are intermediaries who charge a fee for facilitating the transactions.

The most notable sharing economy startups are tech unicorns like lyft, ola, uber, airbnb, homeaway etc. However, there is a good vary of alternative sharing economy services such as peer-to-peer lending, house swapping, pet sitting, tool sharing, bike sharing and talent sharing. In nearly any space within which someone has excess that they might prefer to sell or rent for a fee, a sharing economy platform will exist.

While the sharing economy has been enormously helpful for society by enabling people to supplement their incomes and lowering prices for customers, the industry is run by centralized platforms acting as authorities and charging facilitation fees.


OruMesh is a futuristic decentralized instant zero cost solution for sharing economy powered by Hybrid-Ecosystem. It empowers an economic revolution that is totally dedicated to facilitate individuals with an economic financial freedom. Thus, creating an equal opportunities across the board.

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