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Today’s global payments system is neither global or a system. A system, defined as a set of connected things forming a complex whole, does not describe the currently isolated payments networks that lack effective inter-connectivity to deliver on the demands of today’s customers. As for its global reach, due to the high costs and inefficiencies of cross-border payments, many banks, businesses and consumers are shut out of the current system.

One Connected global Payments Network power-driven by Social consensus


OruMesh is a futuristic decentralized instant zero cost solution for Banks powered by Hybrid Ecosystem. It empowers an economic revolution that is totally dedicated to facilitate people with an economic financial freedom. Thus, creating an equal opportunities across the board.

OruMesh gives a single, frictionless experience for global payments.Rather than constellation of disparate technologies, unstandardized connectivity and centralized networks, OruMesh is just one, global network of banks that send and receive payments via OruMesh's distributed financial technology , providing real-time messages, clearing and settlement of transactions. OruMesh is a decentralized network based on an agreement between OruMesh and network participants ,all of which utilize the same technology and adhere to a steady pair of payment rules and requirements.

OruMesh banks benefit from the robust connectivity, standardized technology and rich data attachments with each payment. OruMesh’s distributed financial technology outperforms today's infrastructure by driving down costs, increasing processing speeds and providing end-to end visibility into payment fees, timing and delivery.

How it Works

OruMesh’s solution for banks, developed around an open, A Mesh, Distributed Ledger Protocol, that permits interoperation between totally different ledgers and networks. It offers a cryptographically secure, end-to-end payment flow with transaction unchangeability and data redundancy. it's designed to fits a bank’s risk, privacy and compliance necessities. it's architected to suit inside a bank’s existing infrastructure, leading to marginal integration overhead and business disruption.

OWB ( OruWallet for Banks)

OruWallet for Banks is that the bidirectional electronic communication component of OruMesh. It connects to the beneficiary bank’s OruWallet for Banks instance to exchange KYC and risk information, fees, FX rates, payment details and expected time of funds delivery. It packages this data and presents the complete price structure to the originating bank, providing unprecedented visibility into the overall price of the transaction. If information is incorrect or missing, transacting parties can determine before initiating the transaction, drastically increasing STP rates. each end-to-end payment includes a payment ID which will be used to query the status of the payment at any point throughout payment execution, including funds settlement or thenceforth -- allowing for more effective troubleshooting for failing or delayed payments. The payment data exchanged through OruWallet For Banks can be used to meet jurisdiction-specific regulative needs and other enhanced services. OruWallet uses SHA 256 layer for secure communication with existing bank systems, partner OruWallet instances and DLP components of Oru Bank wallet.

OSW (Oru Social Wallet)

Oru Social Wallet is a component of OruMesh that cryptographically confirms the success or failure of a transaction. It coordinates the funds movement across Distributed Ledgers of transacting parties in a approach that removes all settlement risk and minimizes delays in settlement. OSW provides the single source of truth for the transacting counter parties whereas conserving the privacy of banking customers’ identifiable payment info. Banks have the choice of running their own Wallets and using it for all their transactions, or counting on a OSW run by the OruPartners.

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